Binky Abdul
Gender: Male
Species: Fairy
Age: Immortal
Birthday: 1301
Hair color:       Bald
Eye color:       Purple
Personal Information
  Fairy Godparents
  Damien's and Regan's fairy godfather
  Fairy World

Regan Jorgen Von Strangle

  Happy things
Fairy Godchildren:


Production Information
First Appearance:
  Smells Like Horror!

Binky Abdul is a young optimistic Fairy who is regularly featured in "Fairly OddParents". He is the fairy godfather of both Regan Rouge and Damien Rouge, and is usually the victim of Jorgen's bouts of sadism.


He strongly disapproves of most of his godchildren's plans, often pointing out the flaws. Sometimes he even offers alternative plans, but they are nearly possible to complete. Both love him dearly and would be lost without him, but sometimes they get so riled up that they treat him like a slave.


Jorgen Bullying Binky.

He is a good "friend" of Jorgen, and once had his own show called: "Leave it to Binky." He is extremely accident-prone. Despite him being a good friend of Jorgen, Jorgen almost always beats him up and humiliates him. Jorgen finds joy in this, though Binky never truly complains about the constant abuse he takes while Jorgen is around. He doesn't seem to appreciate the sadism Jorgen shows him, however. His pathetic and plain appearance seems to only make Jorgen appear bigger, as do all fairies and children. Binky is quiet much of the time, shows signs of low self-esteem, and acts like a child. Apart from being used by Regan and Damien and being bullied by Jorgen, Binky doesn't seem to have much personality.


Binky has a color purple top and black pants and his clothes' style look like from the middle ages. He also has pointy ears like that of an elf. Like all fairies, he has wings, a wand, and a crown.


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