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    I made my Trixie Tang Turner character and it shows Trixie getting sick of being popular, because she feels like a heartless monster to kids who don't deserve such torment. So she quit being popular forever and always started hanging out with Timmy, her true boyfriend. She even appears in every episode. Tootie now grows a permanent hatred towards Timmy. In fact, Tootie took over as the new most popular girl in school. Trixie now helps Timmy help others when they are needed. 

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  • Chidori1,000

    Comment and state who you'd want as a godparent and why.

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  • Invadermay123

    Yes, I, and my sister InvaderUgli  , are perfectly aware that there are many Fairly Oddparents fanon wikias already in existence, but we decided to make our own anyway.

    However, unlike the other wikias we do not allow recolors. Instead, we like to encourage the creativity of the fans by allowing them to draw out the characters, rather than taking an existing image and changing it. So what if you can't exactly draw the Mona Lisa? What matters is the effort you put into your original characters.

    Bases are allowed, though, just credit the creator.

    Examples of bases;

    • Fairy Female base
    • Fairy Baby base
    • Wanda base
    • Cosmo and Anti-Cosmo base
    • Timmy base
    • Poof base (Basically same as the fairy baby base)

    Here's the Wiki! We hope you enjoy!

    ~This was also posted …

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  • FruityPebblesExtreme

    Hey Yo!

    May 12, 2013 by FruityPebblesExtreme

    Sup peoples!

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  • PookaMustard

    Dear friends of the FOF2 wikia, I'm now presenting the idea of creating a forum for FOP on the lands of CreateMyBB hosting. However, there are still some obstacles standing in my way. So if you want me to create a dedicated forums for FOP, I need at least 10 people to agree on this. Just Google "Fairly Odd Parents forums". I challenge you to find one that stayed active over time. That's what I'm trying to avoid.

    Decide carefully, and choose another forum software that is free (or supported by you, if you can), so to let open a stable forum for an unstable show.

    People who agreed on the idea:

    • alfa9delta

     PookaMustard, 17:09, January 5, 2013 (UTC)

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  • PookaMustard

    Merry Christmas!

    December 25, 2012 by PookaMustard

    To everyone who joined and helped contribute to our Fanon wikia, Merry Christmas! have a nice day!

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  • Margarita123

    fairly odd fanon 3

    October 17, 2012 by Margarita123

    good news there is a fairly odd fanon 3 created by me you can visit or search it on google or creates a wiki

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  • PookaMustard

    Jorgen's Noteys!

    September 23, 2012 by PookaMustard

    Yes, I am Jorgen with you now, puny fairy! No offense. I love my voice, and when I help Timmy by using my muscles and screaming to make him learn a lesson! And since the very day Cosmo and Wanda became his godparents, I can't find a way to make him even lose just one of his fairies. Now with Poof, the series got ruined! I mean my plans are destroyed and now I have to search for new ones! Maybe in the next season or real life Christmas. But he's not going away for more than 50 years with them.

    Heh! So I open this place for all of you, puny fairies, to submit ideas! The fairy who has the best idea gets to be my right hand fairy! Only rules needed to submit your idea is Da Rules!

    GO! GO! GO!

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  • PoofFan93

    About Recent Blog Posts...

    September 22, 2012 by PoofFan93

    Lately, I have noticed our wiki currently has no blog posts, So, I am creating a blog that if you do not know what to say nor do in your post, Follow the instructions below:

    • Is your Birthday coming up soon? Write a blog about it and ask your friends to wish you a Happy Birthday!
    • Are you new here and don't know what to do? Write a blog about it and ask experienced admins or other contributors to help guide you around the wiki.
    • Any News lately? Write a blog about something you have been through, Such as watched a new movie that was really good, Went to some famous place, Or maybe something else? You tell us!
    • Feeling lonely? Write a blog and ask for more friends! Together, This will help expand our community and make it grow.
    • None of the above? Co…
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