Dark Denzel Crocker is the Dark Human! He Appeared in The Day On Dark Earth.

Dark Denzel Crocker
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Human
Age: 50,000 { Unknown }
Birthday: May 13th { 50,000 Years Ago }
Personal Information
  Dark Teacher
  Dark Dimmsale
  Dark Earth
  Dark Timmy,
  Dark AJ, Dark Chester
  Being Nice { He`s a Wanted Bad Guy for That! }
  Secretry Destroy Dark Timmy
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Day On Dark Earth!
Voiced by:
The Same Guy that voices the Normal Denzel Crocker!

Character Edit

Dark Mr. Crocker gives A+ to Dark Timmy Because he is Scared of Dark Timmy. He Also Loves Living with his Mother. THe Only Thing the Same About Dark Denzel Crocker and the Normal Denzel Crocker is They both are Crazy about FAIRIES! The Dark Denzel Crocker is Crazy about


Apperances Edit

The Day On Dark Earth Edit

Dark Denzel Crocker gaves Timmy Turner a A+.

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