Enrique Cadabara
Enrique Cadabara is young Fairy Child who lives in Dimmsdale while hiding his secret that he is a fairy.


Enrique was born in Fairy World, about 1 year after Timmy Turner was brn. But unfortunately, Jorgen still had a law against having Fairy babies (All Cosmo's fault!), so Mr. and Mrs. Cadabara fled with Enrique to Earth, specifically brightburg, to escape but 10 years later, Brightburg got takn down by a freak storm (Coutesy of Timmy Turner), so they moved to Dimmsdale and enrollled Enrique in DImmsdale Elementary School, where he quickly made friends with Timmy and Tara, and they quickly found out that Enrique was a fairy, and agreed to keep his secret


Enrique appears to have purple eyes and pointy ears.



  • It may implied that Enrique is Nana Cadabara's youngest grandson, considering his last name is Cadabara
  • Jtsfan13 originally intended for Enrique to be Wanda's cousin, but later found the concept of a fairy child living in Dimmsdale whilst keeping the secret to be more interesting.