These are fanmade episodes of Fairly Oddparents containing fanmade characters. These episodes are known for following a more cynical format. For the episodes containing no fanmade characters and a less cynical format, please see "The New Odd-Ventures of Timmy Turner".

Fairly Fanon Season 1Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 A Small Problem!

After reading a section in Da Rules, Timmy finds a spell that would help him keep his Godparents and be a kid forever, But the Pixies try to tattle on Timmy to Jorgen, And make him lose his Godparents! Will Timmy do the right thing for once?

January 1st, 2033
2 Poof Loses His Poof!

Poof forgets how to grant wishes for Timmy.

March 2nd, 2013
3 It's A Small, Small, World Out There!

Timmy shrinks the Earth after a Wishing Accident.

March 21st, 2013
4 I Stink and I Know It! When Regan's antics leaves Binky in the hands of Jorgen, Jorgen punishes him by sitting and farting on him for a whole night. Binky is left with a horrible scent and everyone spends the next few days avoiding him while Regan and Damien must find a way to rid him of the stench. March 31st, 2013 Smells Like Horror
5 Working Under Damien is tired of having no money, so she wishes for a job as a CEO of a very wealthy company. Meanwhile Regan takes Binky for herself while Damien works on his own, and ends up in the a giant spider web.

April 06th, 2013

6 My Fiwst Wish Tom wishes that he were a baby again, and born to a different family, but is horrified by his crazy new parents. April 13th, 2013
7 Point of Poof We see a whole day through the point of Poof; it isn't as fun or easy as anyone expected. April 20th, 2013
8 Brothers and Sisters Brandy wishes her older sister, Brittany, were a boy. Turns out he's a lot nicer, but more spoiled. April 27th, 2013
9 Fairly Odd Dimension When Timmy makes a wish to go back in time and warn himself not to make an irreversable wish, it turns out to be extremely frustrating when he realises how difficult he is to convince. May 3rd, 2013
10 iMaid Damien wishes for an android-maid to cook, clean, and do his homework when the family maid comes ill. When Regan gets hand of the remote and the two fight, it leads to chaos. June 7th, 2013
11 Babysitter e Belle Damien and Regan both fall for a babysitter and her boyfriend. They use Binky's magic to ruin their relationship. The plan works, but leads to a cynical ending.

June 14th, 2013

12 Timmy's Debt Timmy is given a US$500,000 fine when he ruins his neighborhood, just before Jorgen wins one hundred times the amount on his rare visit to earth, leaving Timmy and his fairy family to swallow their pride for him. June 21st, 2013
13 Trapped in a Bubble Enrique tries to study his magical abilities by creating a soundproof bubble around himself. Unfortunately, he drops his wand outside the bubble and gets swept away into the sky. It is up to Timmy to save him. July 8th, 2013
14 Lottie Cash, Lottie Sass A new Fairy, Lottie Cash, moves into Fairy World. But soon after her arrival, She begins to take advantage over Fairy World and Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof must persuade her to stop. July 25th, 2013
15 Photo Finish Chester and A.J. take photos of Timmy's fairy godparents, thinking they are in costumes, and Timmy must retrieve and delete them. August 16th, 2013
16 My Super Parents Mighty Mom and Dino Dad use their powers throughout their normal day. August 23rd, 2013
17 Fairy Daddy Tom is embarrassed to bring his parents to see his principal, so he wishes Peter in the shape of his dad to meet him instead. August 30th, 2013
18 Freaky Weekend Timmy and Damien get switched. Timmy takes advantage of Damien's money and popularity, and Damien takes advantage of having three fairies, instead of one that he has to share. None of the families or fairy godparents notice. Sep. 14th, 2013
19 Shut up and Save the World!

Timmy, Damien, Regan, and Remy must work together to save the world (in one way or another), but it is too difficult due to their constant arguing. In the end, they fail (or just barely p

ass) every mission, and continue to fight.

Sep. 27th, 2013
20 W


When, Timmy wishes, that he doesn't remember about any day he met a villain, he also doesn't remembers his name.

1-hour special.

October 13th, 2013

The ChangelingEdit

3-hour special.

Timmy gets an invitation from the Fairy Council to participate in The Changeling Royale, where the godkids of the world compete for a chance to change Da Rules itself. But something is amiss... something that has been swept under the tides of history for far too long, and it is drawing near.

December 4th, 2014

Season 2Edit


Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 The Super Evil Nightmare Foop and Vicky Tortune Timmy in his dreams. May 15th 2015
2 The Crocker Bomb! Crocker puts a F bomb in Timmy`s Desk. So, F- will exploxe in Timmy`s Face. May 15th 2015
3 The Annoying New Kid Timmy and Damien hate Fred. They both spy on him and he has Fairies. Damien wishes his fairies were gone to stop being annoying.

Fred gets Revenge!

June 2 2015
4 Anti- Fairy wars The Anti- Fairies go to war with the Fairies. June 13 2015
5 Robots Destroy! Fred Wishes for Robot to take over the world! July 3


6 Damien do not Wish! Damien can wish nothing for a week because Jorgen said to! July 3


7 Alien War! Dark Laser Destroys 100,000 Billion Planets. The Aliens Attack the Planet Dark Laser is going to Destroy Next " Earth ". August 4


9 Game Chasers

Part 1

Timmy, Damien, Fred and Remy wish to be inside a Video Game.

They Play in Bario, Buildcraft , Clash of the Smashers, Pac-Man and Lots More!

November 15th 2015
10 Game Chasers

Part 2

Timmy,Damien, Fred and Remy wish to be Fake! Only They were in Video Games! The Video Games are More Awesome if you are Fake! November

15 2015

11 Game


Part 3

Timmy Parents Misses Timmy and Timmy and the Others go Home!

The End


15 2015

12 The Anti- Pixie ATTACK! The Anti- Pixies Attack Pixies Inc and Fairy World. Timmy , the Pixies

and The Fairies Team Up!


1 2016

13 Dumb= F- Timmy Wished that 0 was the Answer to Everything March 8th 2016
14 Anti- Dog Revenge Sparky is Back After his 6 month Holiday of Dogtmas! Anti- Sparky wants Revenge! So, Sparky and Anti- Sparky Fight Forever! March 8th


15 Love Hates You Anti- Cupid Destroys Fairy World in LOVE! August 3


16 Money Wishing! Jorgen Von Strangle gets rid of the Money Rule in the Book! Kid

Now can Wish for Money!

August 3


17 Back Fire The Future! Timmy and Tommy wish the Future was ruled by the Romans! May 31th


18 $REMY$ Turns Back


Timmy finds out Remy is a Vampie! May 31th


19 Super Cat Timmy Wishes for a Super Cat! The Cat Attacks Dimmsale! November 5 2016
20 Timmy Turner

It Christmas!


18th 2016

21 The All Grown Up


Poof turns The age then Fairies Make a life and Leave there Mom and Dad. Cosmo and Wanda are Parents to a All Grown Fairly Now! Janurary

9 2017

22 Will Act for Food Blinky Never gets Food Because Damien and Regan Never get Him any! Blinky makes a Show Called " Will Act for Food". Feburary 23 2017
24 Evil Dinklebergs! Timmy Wishes for the dinklebergs to be the Badest People in Dimmsale! Feburary

23 2017

25 The Poof Begining! Poof goes to the Fairy Acamcary. March 21th 2017
26 The Jorgen Fail! All the Godkids on earth wish Jorgen never was born! Fairy World turns a mess without Jorgen! March 28th 2017

Fairly Fanon Season 3 Edit

Number Episode Summary Air Date
1 The World`s End! 3 hour Special

Timmy Finds Out there is a Anti- Version of Earth Called " Dark Earth" ruled by Dark Timmy. For Years, Dark Timmy has Tryed to Destroy Earth. But, There Was a Hero and Now Timmy That Hero!

July 3 2017

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