Tom Joan
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 16
Hair color:       Blonde
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information

Football Player

Fairy Godparents:
Mr. Joan

Mrs. Joan

Tom is a teenage fairy god child, miserable due to his expectations to be "perfect".


Tom gained his fairy godparent, Peter, when he started middle school. He was under levels of stress due to the new environment and his parents expectations. He was so amazingly good at sports that the high school was begging him to join their team, even though he was only twelve. During this time, jealous students started making rumors about him, resulting in him getting bullied. After a student filmed himself walking up to Tom and beating him in front of his little sister, Tom gained his fairy godparent, Peter.


Tom is 5'10'', has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is well muscled and puts much effort in his physique by exercising through both weight lifting and cardio. He has very shiny, white teeth, and is very handsome, leading to a beautiful smile. He wears a red and white Letterman jacket, combs his hair in a slick back style, and has stubby facial hair.


Tom is a nice guy, but very into himself, coming off as very vain. He possesses a reckless streak, and can sometimes get carried away with it. Because of his parent's use of fawning by proxy, he keeps himself from showing his true feelings, but when he does, he becomes very unpredictable, and can make even more reckless wishes.

He is not nearly as smooth as expected and gets very nervous in front of crowds, which has also led to bad situations. When pushed too far, he can be maniacal with determination, and will sometimes do just about anything to get what he wants.


coming soon...

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