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    September 22, 2012 by PoofFan93

    Lately, I have noticed our wiki currently has no blog posts, So, I am creating a blog that if you do not know what to say nor do in your post, Follow the instructions below:

    • Is your Birthday coming up soon? Write a blog about it and ask your friends to wish you a Happy Birthday!
    • Are you new here and don't know what to do? Write a blog about it and ask experienced admins or other contributors to help guide you around the wiki.
    • Any News lately? Write a blog about something you have been through, Such as watched a new movie that was really good, Went to some famous place, Or maybe something else? You tell us!
    • Feeling lonely? Write a blog and ask for more friends! Together, This will help expand our community and make it grow.
    • None of the above? Co…
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